Today I went to Wal-mart for a hairdryer, light bulbs, dog treats and creamer – that’s the cool thing about Wal-mart – you can get all these random things in one place…you do have to time it right to avoid the crowds – it seems that 8-10am or noon-2pm work best for me. I couldn’t help but notice all the slim fast weight loss products in several strategic locations. OK, I GET The Picture! Then I wondered how many people are already frustrated because they have not stuck to their new year’s resolutions. Here are a few strategies to help you succeed.

1. Set monthly benchmarks instead of weekly (that way if you miss a week – you have an option to make it up the next week. Example: I’m going to work out or walk or swim …..9 times per month.

2. Denise Austin – the work out guru with a big smile recommends eating well 80% of the day – treat yourself the other 20% (carbs, chocolate, wine, -um….no, these aren’t my favorite at all-they just popped in my mind first!) so that you are not depriving yourself – I dislike the word moderation although it fits nicely here. She also encourages you to be aware of your calorie intake – 5 small meals per day vs. 3 BIG! Most professionals don’t drink enough water during the day so they become dehydrated and sluggish in the afternoon and run for the coffee and sugar – try chugging some water instead.

3. Don’t beat yourself up mentally if you falter, remember each day is a new beginning.

4. For business – consider weekly benchmarks. A publication company recommends making 100 sales calls on Monday to book appointments for the week –some reps choose to make 60 calls on Monday and 10 on the other days to keep their momentum fresh and strong.

5. First things First and Less is More – these are two classic principles that serve you well during the New Year. Focus on the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your business or life FIRST. Don’t try to do too much – you dilute your efforts and will be frustrated.

6. Reflect daily on the good stuff that happened that day and let go of the bad stuff.

As we prepared for a coaching program for one of our clients this morning – these questions were presented: “What do you want the employees to stop, start or continue doing?” “What will successful performance look like?” Reflect and answer these two questions for yourself and write your response as a motivator for your success.

Researchers say that the third week in January is when our nation as a whole is more depressed – credit card bills arrive from the holiday season and people feel like failures because they have not succeeded in their new year’s resolutions. Set yourself up for success! John Maxwell said, “Get up, Let it Go and Get Going!” So here’s to you getting up each day with a thankful, cheerful attitude, letting go of the past and focusing on the present and get going to make great things happen today!