Have you ever wanted to give your younger self advice?  Brad Paisley, one of my favorite country music singers from West Virginia wrote a song, “Letter to Me” Some of the lyrics: “Pain is fast and real…you’ve got so much goin’ for you, goin’ right but I know at 17 it’s hard to see past to see past Friday night…each time you have a fight, just assume your dad is always right…you got so much up ahead…”  Thank you Greg Taylor, MD for publishing your Facebook letter – Advice for my younger self on your birthday and allowing me to share it with my readers. PRICELESS!

Advice for my younger self:

A sincere thank you for all the thoughtful birthday wishes.

I thought it would be a good time to magically travel back in time to 1981 and have a conversation with my younger self.  Here are a few highlights……..

• You are lucky to have Cathy in your life.  She is the greatest wife and mother
• And OBTW that means you’re going to be a father, as there are two amazing children in your future and let’s get this straight BUDDY, that’s the most important role you will ever have
• You are neither funny nor sexy after a few beers
• Gravity will do bad things to your body
• Keep wearing Casio watches
• You suck at golf, so forget about it
• Bangs and a wispy blonde mustache are not a good look
• You were fortunate to have wonderful parents and you should pay it forward
• Time goes faster as you get older, enjoy every moment
• Contain your sense of urgency and embrace your time away from work
• Your idealism and fundamental reasons you went into healthcare will be tested, but don’t loose the faith
• Dream big, and while you may not achieve all your wildest fantasies, I predict your life will exceed your expectations
• Don’t succumb to burnout and maintain a healthy work/life balance
• Gray hair is in your future
• Create a personal mission statement:  segmented into your mission as a father/husband/son and your work related mission
• You will never be a great snow skier – embrace the blue slopes
• The Tar Heels can not win the basketball national championship every year, but you can dream
• How would you like to live in Seattle
• Be open to career modifications, as there is a broader platform for impacting patient safety and quality on the horizon
• You will discover your “right brain” through photography, so start now
• It’s okay to be inspired by Christmas music in July
• Your stethoscope will last a life time
• This is not the end of your education and training, as education is a life long pursuit
• Likewise, your spiritual journey will be lifelong
• Thank your mother for demanding you take a typing class your senior year in high school