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New Beginnings

When you hear the word SPRING, what comes to mind? Day light savings, flowers blooming, or tax season? Spring makes me think of new beginnings. Currently, I have two main businesses, COACH MKay Companies, LLC (Speaking & Training) and N2 Publishing (Monthly Newsletter for the residents of Sedgefield). Two weeks ago I decided to launch a third business with Essential Oils. People might think I’m crazy to be involved in multiple businesses. Some days I just want to remember where my children are and if I put deodorant on, so I might have to agree with them. This new venture also makes me think of a friend, who took a major leap of faith.

His name is David Pritchett and we met five years ago when I conducted the Leadership High Point retreat. At the time he was an instructor at GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College) and over the past few years we have been able to collaborate on different speaking, training and development initiatives. David was working for another community college when he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own company. Full Count Training. It was a dream he had for a long time and running his own company has been fruitful in many ways. He is working less hours and making more money. He has ownership to accept the projects he wants to work on. Running his own company has also given him the flexibility to pursue another passion – umpiring for college games. In fact, David told me yesterday to look for him Monday night on ESPN U at 1st base during the Clemson game. Very cool! What dream do you want to fulfill?

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and as I prepare my heart and mind for the meaning of the day, I’m going to use this time to journal and reflect on what’s working in my businesses, what’s not working and what’s missing. I will examine my personal life in those three areas as well. Creating positive, purposeful change comes in many forms.

Decide. Do. Deliver.

Decide what change you want to make.

Do the activity necessary.

Deliver results that are meaningful.

Are you ready to follow your dream and take a leap of faith?

April 18th, 2017|