10-10-10. Do you have dates that are etched in your mind forever? October 10th, 2010 was the day of my first mini-triathlon. Originally, I registered with two of my best friends from middle school – we all were cheerleaders together and soccer players on a high school and travel team. Thirty days prior to the event, my two buddies bailed on me, and I had a BIG decision to make.

Was I going to bail or move on?

I am resourceful and decided to move on. So surfing Craig’s list, a $100 bike was for sale outside of High Point, NC and a $40 bike rack from Wal-Mart did the trick. The swim portion was supposed to be my leg of the race: covered; biking: well, I rode as a kid – how hard could that be? Running: hated it, but I knew I could walk if I had to.

My goal? Finish the race.

I Headed out to Chapel Hill at 5am one Sunday morning and prayed the entire trip down I-40 that the bike rack was secure and wouldn’t fall off and smash into another car. After arriving at the race site, I went up to a group of women who looked like they were veterans.

I said, “ladies, I have never done this before and have no clue what I’m supposed to do, can you help me?”

Four mini-triathlons later, I signed up for my 5th race in Hendersonville, NC last month.

My goal? Finish the race.

It had been three years since my last mini-triathlon and the outcome placement was 212 out of 468. For me, it wasn’t too bad considering I had to dust the cob webs off my bike. Thankfully, the Huffy was a given to a healthcare worker who was looking for a bike, so I jumped at the chance to replace it with one more suitable to my needs.

What decision or race is in front of you? What is your level of determination and have you set a goal? Be a catalyst for change and decide you will be resourceful to finish the race no matter the obstacles.