Last week during our stewardship committee meeting our pastor’s wife talked about planting seeds. It got me thinking about our new mission of Coach MKay Companies – Creating Catalysts for Change. It’s easy to do the same thing every day or think the same way….what’s challenging, exciting and sometimes difficult is deciding to change what you do daily or think about yourself, other people, situations, etc. An association president sent me a letter after a speech I gave during their annual meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC… of his employees had been struggling with a major decision to change careers – in the letter he said, “this new position would allow her to utilize her gifts & talents and follow her heart, Merikay – your encouragement during the program helped her to make that change.” WOW!

You never know how your words or actions towards others could be a catalyst for people to make a change?

What do you want to change this season? I decided not to send Christmas cards – just didn’t want to let myself get stressed out thinking and doing the mass production of cards– I wanted to spend time doing other things. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family, or ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Macy’s, or volunteering for an event at church or for another organization, going to an ornament exchange party-ok, for the men on this e-mailing list that is probably not one of your priorities, maybe watching a Duck Dynasty episode or three football games at once or for my husband he has been playing the piano more these last few days….maybe you just want to build a fire, sit by your tree or view the lighted balls in the neighbor’s trees….for me? I discovered a Christmas Jazz station on Pandora and listening to the Charlie Brown tunes on my ipad, enjoying a glass of wine with our new dog from the shelter curled up on the sofa….AH, that’s relaxing! I decided to let go of the cards this year. What do you need to change and let go of? Thanks to my husband who offered to send cards to our family and close friends. Blessings to you as you give yourself permission to make some awesome changes in your life at home and at work. Cheers to you and your family during this wondermous time of year!