In 2009, I met Vince Harris during the Leadership High Point program. One of the best things I get to do is teach the 40 participants how to remember each other’s first and last names during their kick off retreat (Dale Carnegie gets full credit for this for sure!) It was easy to like Vince, he’s got this BIG smile and his easy going demeanor and open personality were so enjoyable during the retreat. Fast forward a few years and I ran into Vince at Holly Ridge Golf Course. Little did he know that I had been thinking about contacting him a few weeks earlier to help me with something I was struggling with.

I said, “Vince, HEY! I was just thinking about contacting you a few weeks ago. Can I get your cell number?”

I reached out to him a few days later because my son was making some bad choices and I thought a meeting with Vince might be a good strategy to influence him in a better direction.

One of the things I have realized as a mom, business owner, and coach it’s a GOOD thing to ask for help. After school one day, I picked up Harrison from Greensboro College Middle College and said, “We are going to meet a friend of mine.” I drove to the High Point Police Department and shared who we were meeting with when we pulled in the parking lot. It took a few Dale Carnegie principles to get him out of the car, thank God he was willing.

It was still a few more months before my son got on the right track, but I believe in my heart this meeting was the beginning of a turning point. Vince and I stayed connected via facebook and would talk occasionally for updates. One day we decided to meet and he said, “Where do you want to go?” I replied, “Well, Krispy Kreme of course!” He laughed and said, “Are you serious?”

Fast forward a couple of years and big shout out of appreciation to Vince for inviting me to play in the High Point Police Department Fallen Officer’s Memorial Golf Tournament. He named our team the COACH K Dreamers and thanks to the fun relaxed round, (and a powerful visualization strategy) I won the longest drive contest. Okay, there were only a handful of women, but I was still super pumped. Never underestimate the power of friendship and being a catalyst for change!

Note: The Dale Carnegie Course – Effective Communications & Human Relations is a leadership program I participated in close to 18 years ago.  It is on my top three list that has helped me develop my career.  Visit to find a program in your area and to learn more!