Your One Word

Your One Word

Your One Word

The first weekend in January I traveled to Caswell Beach, NC to facilitate a business women’s retreat for five awesome professionals. The event kicked off with a wine & cheese reception with an ocean front view. Big shout out to Cindy Essa, owner of Pastabilities who provided two delicious breakfast casseroles and Southwest Chicken soup and Tomato Bisque for nourishment over the weekend. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about their strengths, identify opportunities for growth and share strategies to build their businesses. What I didn’t expect was the power of the “one word” segment.

On the final day we met for lunch and launched into the goal setting segment. One of the issues the participants were struggling with was dealing with the “shiny objects” that distracted them from achieving their goals in the past. It boils down to making a purposeful decision to do things differently and maintain focus on the right priorities.

Bill Gates said, “Say no to the good, so you can say yes to the great.”

Identifying one word serves as the fuel for focus and should be the compass bringing you back to your path when you are tempted to veer off the path.

The Key? Know Thyself.

My weak spot is when someone asks me to volunteer in some capacity. I realized that I need to give myself 24 hours to make a decision. Do you say ‘yes’ too quickly to things that will distract you from your goals? Pick your one word, use it to increase your focus to help you achieve business results.

My one word: Intentional



adjective: intentional

1. done on purpose; deliberate

What’s your one word? Make it your screen saver, put it on a notecard in your car, write it on your mirror or a post-it note by your computer. Use it to be a catalyst for purposeful, deliberate change.

January 26th, 2016|