“Merikay Hunt was absolutely incredible! Our annual meeting was a great success due in large part to her motivational program. It set the tone for the entire three day event. We had fun & were engaged – got to know each other better, learned strategies to conquer stress & communicate at a higher level.”
Tamara J. Matthews, CPM
“Merikay has been such a positive force for my business. Her energy, enthusiasm and her ability to address issues head on with positive approach has encouraged and improved the entire team.”
Sandra L. Fuller DDS
“YOU gave an amazing presentation with your Stress Busters program. What a great way to end the day for the CPE seminar for Accounting/Finance and Human Resource Professionals. Thank you for being who you are!”
Gillian Cross, Division Manager, Ajilon Professional Staffing

“We really enjoyed your recent lunch seminar. Thanks for putting such a positive spin on how we interact with one another. The feedback was uniformly positive. The degree of enthusiasm was a little creepy; was there brainwashing involved?”

Albert Baker M.D.

“Really enjoyed your talk at our year end company meeting. You really nailed it! You are dynamic, energetic and kept our group engaged which is a very difficult to do so Kudos to you!!!”

Jess Washburn, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, Morrisette - Sr. Packaging Systems & Design Team
“Thank you for transforming us at Carolina AAHAM last week during your Leadership Program. You are one special person. You were a true blessing to me and our association.”
John D. Cook, Chapter President, Carolina AAHAM
“Your ability to listen to our team, assess our issues, provide leadership and guidance to revitalize our Practice is remarkable. After the team presentation, everyone was saying WOW! We can make this happen! We really needed that positive energy and leadership.”
Charles Langdon, DDS

“Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service training session! It was uplifting and engaging. Many of the messages you shared with us I was able to incorporate immediately on a project I am working on right now.”

Jayson Judy, Director of Annual Giving, Greensboro College