Two years ago I was asked to work with a team of executives to build a hour presentations program and help train a few instructors on how to teach the class to over 200 participants in the organization. Another client asked for a public speaking course and I said, “Can we offer this over a two day time frame and include video-taping and one-on-one coaching?” He said, “sure!”

Over the past 18 months, I have taught 3 of these classes at Herbalife (four people were promoted within a few months post session), once at Corning and soon to be six times at RAI Reynolds America. What has surprised me the most are the results participants share in their feedback after the course.

In just two days, there is an increase in overall confidence, success with overcoming nervousness and improved ability to connect and communicate with the audience. One participant said, “I’m amazed how quickly a presentation can be pulled together in such a short period of time. Learning from others and about others in the class was awesome!” Another participant said, “This was a wonderful class! I learned how to engage the audience, speak confidently and the session was therapeutic. Learning about the different communications styles people have was valuable. I hope everyone in our organization takes this program.”

Speaking in public takes many forms: one on one dialogues, small groups, staff meetings, board meetings, sales presentations, research findings, shift meetings and so much more. The ability to communicate with clarity, in an influential way gives individuals a professional edge. I used to get very emotional when I would speak in front of a group and sometimes feel like I’m not making sense or being assertive enough. Whether you are speaking to a group of 10, 100 or 1,000 people, learning strategies to tell a powerful story can help inspire and motivate people.

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