Last week, I heard a speaker share how a continual state of gratitude is good for the mind, body and soul. One of the examples in his talk referred to Einstein and how he would continually write letters of gratitude throughout his life. He wrote a letter to a Chicago man thanking him for helping Jews escape Nazi Germany. He also wrote a letter to the London Times thanking his English colleagues for taking an interest in his Theory of Relativity and for testing his work.

Thanksgiving is a season of giving thanks and this holiday inspires me to do some things differently as 2020 approaches. Focus has been my ‘word’ for 2019 and as the last quarter comes to a close, there are some things I need to focus on for success next year.

I pulled out one of my favorite books, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and flipped through the pages making notes of what was ‘speaking’ to me as important. This book was a birthday gift from Emily Howard, my former manager at Dale Carnegie Training. It sat on my bookshelf for a while, then I decided to take it with me on a two week mission trip to Cortazar, Mexico. I highlighted several principles that would be vital to apply upon my return to improve in personal and professional areas. The Chunk it Down principle actually helped me accomplish my first book project, Stepping Stones to Success several years ago. Canfield shares 64 principles in his book to help people with personal transformation and below is a partial list that resonates with my current career journey.

  1. Take 100% responsibility for your life
  2. Decide what you want
  3. Believe it’s possible
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Chunk it down (take BIG projects and make into smaller units)
  6. Take Action
  7. Just lean into it
  8. Reject Rejection
  9. Commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  10. Practice the Rule of 5 (do five specific things every day that will move you to your goal)

What principles are ‘speaking’ to you today? What change do you want to make in your career, life or relationship?

Each day is an opportunity to do things differently, to think differently, to act differently. The choice is yours. Choose an attitude of gratitude. I’m thankful to Emily for this book, to Dale Carnegie Training for helping me build my confidence, communication and sales skills.

Last week, I watched a video of a pastor and his family in Charlotte, NC that’s gone viral about celebrating everyday gifts like electricity, running water, a briefcase, food, coffee, a car to drive, etc. What are you grateful for? Write a letter to someone in your life that has made a positive impact. Blessings to you for being a catalyst for change.